The Level Of Entertainment In Show Business


The main reason people feel as if there is nothing on the tube is the fact that we as humans have a short attention span. This translates to people switching from a channel once they become bored or disinterested. As they flip and they see nothing that really entice them they continue till they end up on the original channel in which they decided was boring the first place. The only people who think they have too many channels, are the ones who are engaged and have an attention span that keeps them glued to one channel.

With the growth of niche television channels, this eventually led to the growth of sub channels dedicated to things such as trout fishing and video games. This eventually led to there being a glut of channels in which only a few people were interested. For regular television watchers, this would add to the bane of them not having anything to watch because in their incessant flipping they end up in a patch of channels in which they have no interest in.

Have a large amount of channels is a good thing to some people but in reality less is better. If you only had a couple of channels, like people without cable or satellite television then you would be...

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