Skydiving In New York

New Yorks extreme sports centers offer tandem jumps and AFF programs that allow you to discover the passion that is skydiving.

For beginners and experts alike New Yorks extreme sports centers offer tandem jumps and accelerated free fall programs (AFF). The pure delight of over a minutes freefall followed by a smooth descent on square parachutes makes the experience one that you would like to repeat over and over again.

Skydive Long island
This extreme sports center is located East of New York City at Calverton, New York. A first tandem jump costs $225 and it is cheaper to jump on weekdays. The AFF program costs $175 per jump. Group rates are cheaper with up to $15 off per jumper in a group of 10-14. Consider having your jumps recorded on tape or on DVD and relive the jump again and again.

Getting There
When approaching from the North select the Long Island Expressway (495E) and take the Exit 69, Wading River 보글파워볼분석기 Rd. Travel North to Grumman Blvd. Here you need to take a right turn and travel another 1.5 miles. A bright blue and white skydive sign with an arrow will signal that you are almost there. There is a guard booth on the left. Follow the...

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